The box you need is one click away.

Manage, update and transfer all the information for your aircraft maintenance records and data with AviaSphere’s unique virtual box process for each aircraft. Whether you have one aircraft or any entire fleet, AviaSphere will accurately store your data so that you can access it instantly. No more searching through piles of paper or a myriad of boxes for the information you need.



It is as simple as 1-2-3.

Designed and built by aviation experts, AviaSphere utilizes existing practices within the aviation industry to ensure the performance and reliability that you require. With all of the power that surrounds this high-tech aviation records tool, you will be well versed in the usage and benefits within a few minutes, not days.



Your records are safe and secure.

Encrypted password protections along with multi-layered firewalls ensure that no one is able to have either visual access or the ability to tamper with records without your permission.




Your records go where you go.

Utilizing cutting edge technology along with artificial intelligence, AviaSphere is securely available from any technology device that has access to the internet. This will provide you the ability to access, sort and use your aircraft maintenance records from anywhere. You can eliminate the high cost of shipping records and your travel related consultant expenses will be reduced dramatically.



Lengthy Processes are Dramatically Reduced and More Profit is Posted Faster.

Time is Money! If your aircraft is not in the air, you are losing money. AviaSphere provides a technologically advanced, easy to use tool that will be able to reduce processes that previously took months to accomplish down to a few hours. When an aircraft is ready to be transferred, every hour of delay can cost you and your company money. That will no longer occur when AviaSphere is utilized.



More profit can go to the bottom line.

Every day large amounts of potential profit dollars are being spent on records analysts and consultants due to the lack of organized maintenance records as well as lost records. With the power of AviaSphere’s maintenance records tool, your records will be accurately and securely organized within your company’s virtual records boxes. With one click you will be able to locate your records. The records you need… when you need them. You will be able to greatly reduce the number of consultant hours and get every aircraft back into service much quicker. An aircraft back in service faster equals money saved… money earned.